GroupScheme software package

CMO is developing FSCTM group scheme software that would allow forestry companies, commercial farmers, small farmers and out-growers alike to be able to run a group scheme in a totally paperless environment.

This allows for a reduction in audit costs in general and also guarantees a reduction in the days required for an FSC accredited certification body to complete its 3rd party audits. 

By removing the paper monster from the system, the software approach ensures that key information remains at the fingertips of all role players.  The system simplifies everything for the group members as well as the group manager.  Finally, the system guarantees improved performance of all group members, while simultaneously maintaining confidentiality and integrity of all group members through the controlled access. 

All internal audits on group members are completed on tablets and are extremely powerful in terms of effective reporting and closing out of corrective actions raised against any specific group member.

CMO is also being certified to run an FSCTM Group scheme in its own right. After obtaining certification, all forest growers – from medium-sized corporates to the smallest Outgrower – are invited to join the CMO scheme to share in the benefits of economies of scale obtained through one large group scheme.  The membership information of each group member and every company participating in the scheme will of course remain 100% confidential through access passwords and the membership contracts signed with CMO.

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