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Lead Auditor Courses Certification to FSC Standards
CMO offer various training programs to certification bodies active in the FSC system. The courses for FSC Auditors offered to SGS Qualifor and to 20 other FSC-accredited certification bodies that have been evaluated and approved by Accreditation Services International (ASI) as compliant with FSC requirements for the training auditors to FSC standards. This includes the courses on the ISO 19011 Guideline, and those for Forest Management and Chain of Custody Auditors.
PEFC CoC Course
CMO has developed a new PEFC CoC course, covering the accreditation requirements for CBs, the CoC standard as well as the trademark standard.
ISO 19011
ISO 19011 provides guidance on the principles of auditing and managing audit programs, as well as guidance on the competence of auditors. It is applicable to all organizations needing to conduct internal or external audits of their organisations or to manage an audit program. This course was used by many certification bodies to demonstrate compliance with accreditation requirements in terms of auditor qualification.
Legality Conformance training courses
Legality Conformance training courses focus on meeting the European – Union Timber Regulations (EUTR) under the Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (FLEGT).