CMO Consulting

Performance-based consulting services

CMO has dedicated high profile consultants and also an array of associates who can be approached to cover the full forestry value chain from seedling to processing plant.

  1. CMO Consulting

    Fire management consulting
    • Fire risk management
    • Fire investigation
    • Planning for prescribed block burning of natural areas
  2. Forest Engineering consulting
    • Forest engineering (timber harvesting, forest roads and transport)
    • International harvesting and transport cost benchmarking:

      Along with our partners HB Solutions (South America) and Forme (Australasia), we carry out an annual benchmarking of harvesting and transport costs. Clients can compare their costs with other similar global operations. The benchmarking information is published in June each year. Contact us, if you are interested in this service.

  3. Forest conformance systems consulting
    • FSC forest management and FSC Chain of Custody implementation
    • Implementing/managing FSC group schemes
    • PEFC Chain of Custody implementation
  4. Forest Planning
    • Forest valuations
    • Field inventories
  5. Forest Biomass/biofuel feasibility studies
  6. Work study consulting to set productivity norms for forestry and processing operations
  7. Sawmilling
  Name & Position Business Card
Ben Potgieter
Fire risk management
Michal Brink
Forest Engineering / Forest Conformance
Carl van Loggerenberg
Mentoring, fire and silviculture
bert2 Andrew Mc Ewan
Forest Engineering 
Nontethelelo Ramantswana
Martin Engelbrecht
Forest Valuations
South Africa
Paxie Chirwa
Social Issues
South Africa
Roy Southey
South Africa
Ruddolph Hoffman
East Africa